We have two license types available for purchase. These are listed below.

A Premium License is valid for one person on unlimited devices. If more than one person in your company or household will be using our products, each person must purchase a separate license, or you must purchase a corporate license to cover all company/household users.

If you intend on using products for ‘platform use’ (software which allows end users to create customized designs), you will need to purchase a Corporate License.

Premium LicenseCorporate License
Personal UseOne User, Unlimited UseUnlimited Users, Unlimited Use
Commercial UseOne User, Limited UseUnlimited Users, Unlimited Use
Platform UseNot AllowedUnlimited Users, Unlimited Sales


Personal Use is defined as: using products downloaded/purchased from our Websites for your own personal use. This means the items are not sold or distributed.

Commercial Use is defined as: using products downloaded/purchased from our websites for commercial purposes. This includes selling or distributing items made from our products.

Platform Use is defined as: items which are created/customized by a company’s end users. For example: a T-shirt company allowing the ‘end user’ (that company’s customer) to make customized products with designs/fonts sold by us, using the company’s own software or platform.

Limited Use is defined as: There are some restrictions to be aware of when using our products.

Unlimited Users is defined as: an unlimited number of people within one organisation, household or platform.

Unlimited Sales is defined as: no limit or restriction to the amount of sales made from one organisation, household or platform.